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Horse dies at Pimlico day before Preakness race5/17/2019 11:23:14 PM A three-year-old filly collapsed and died after racing at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore on Friday, a day before the Preakness Stakes.SpaceX postpones Starlink satellite launch again, for 'about a week'5/17/2019 2:18:02 AM A SpaceX launch already scrubbed once due to inclement weather was postponed again nearly 24 hours later on Thursday, this time for "about a week," in order to update satellite software and "triple-check everything," Elon Musk's rocket company said.Genus shares surge on deal to market gene-edited pigs in China5/16/2019 11:53:44 AM British livestock genetics firm Genus agreed on Thursday to license its know-how on virus-resistant pigs to Beijing Capital Agribusiness Co Ltd, which will seek regulatory approval for the pigs in the world's biggest pork market.High winds force SpaceX to postpone first launch of Starlink satellites5/16/2019 3:51:20 AM Billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX postponed a planned Wednesday night blastoff of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the first 60 satellites for his new Starlink internet service, citing excessive winds over the Florida launch site.SpaceX postpones satellite launch in Florida due to high winds5/16/2019 3:09:48 AM Elon Musk's SpaceX postponed its planned Wednesday night blastoff of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the first cluster of satellites for his new Starlink internet service, citing excessive winds over the Florida launch site.Brazil seeks China's OK for genetically modified sugarcane5/15/2019 5:28:18 PM Brazil's agriculture minister will ask Chinese officials on Thursday to greenlight exports to the Asian nation of sugar made from genetically modified (GM) sugarcane, which is expected to be widely used in Brazil in coming years.Trump seeks extra $1.6 billion in NASA spending to return to moon by 20245/14/2019 4:35:07 AM The Trump administration asked Congress on Monday to increase NASA spending next year by an extra $1.6 billion as a "down payment" to accommodate the accelerated goal of returning Americans to the surface of the moon by 2024.Quakes show that moon, gradually shrinking, is tectonically active5/14/2019 2:35:24 AM The moon may be dynamic and tectonically active like Earth - not the inert world some scientists had believed it to be - based on a new analysis disclosed on Monday of quakes measured by seismometers in operation on the moon from 1969 and 1977.Now you can explore a cave without actually going into a cave5/12/2019 12:24:34 PM Czech speleologists have come up with a way to explore flooded cave systems without strapping on scuba gear, wet suits, helmets and water-proof lamps: 3D mapping.In crisis-hit Argentina, cancer researcher turns to game show for funds5/10/2019 1:06:26 PM Amid a swirling economic crisis and protests over budget cuts for research in Argentina, one scientist has found a novel way to fundraise: winning money on a television game show.Unique genetic adaptation lets deep-sea fish see color in the darkness5/10/2019 5:46:22 AM While people and other vertebrates are color blind in dim light, some deep-sea fish may possess keen color vision to thrive in the near total darkness of their extreme environment thanks to a unique genetic adaptation, scientists said on Thursday.Billionaire Bezos unveils moon lander mockup, embraces Trump's lunar timetable5/10/2019 4:08:13 AM Billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos unveiled on Thursday a mockup of a lunar lander being built by his Blue Origin rocket company and touted his moon goals in a strategy aimed at capitalizing on the Trump administration's renewed push to establish a lunar outpost in just five years.Bat-winged dinosaur was intriguing detour in evolution of flight5/8/2019 5:12:25 PM A fossil unearthed in northeastern China of a feathered dinosaur a bit bigger than a blue jay that possessed bat-like wings represents a remarkable but short-lived detour in the evolution of flight and the advent of birds, scientists said on Wednesday.Alphabet's GV leads funding in gene editing company Verve Therapeutics5/7/2019 10:11:52 AM GV, Alphabet Inc's venture capital arm, led a $58.5 million investment to launch Verve Therapeutics, a new biotech focused on developing therapies that edit the human genome to treat heart diseases.First moon landing manual could fetch $9 million at auction5/3/2019 8:01:44 PM The detailed manual used by U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to land on the moon in 1969 is going up for auction in July and could fetch up to $9 million, New York auctioneers Christie's said on Wednesday.SpaceX confirms crew capsule destroyed in April test accident5/3/2019 2:16:58 AM Nearly two weeks after a fiery explosion during a ground test of its new crew capsule, SpaceX confirmed on Thursday that the vehicle was destroyed, but neither the company nor NASA, its primary customer, have publicly acknowledged the nature of the mishap.Backstory: How to capture a rocket5/2/2019 6:48:57 AM “It’s a challenge to describe that noise,” says Reuters senior photographer Mike Blake, after witnessing his first rocket launch.Denisovans, mysterious extinct humans, conquered high altitudes5/1/2019 7:04:44 PM A jawbone found in a cave on the Tibetan Plateau in China is providing surprising insights into Denisovans, the enigmatic extinct cousins to Neanderthals and our own species, including that they were pioneers at enduring high-altitude environments.Scientists say they're closer to possible blood test for chronic fatigue4/29/2019 7:03:13 PM Scientists in the United States say they have taken a step toward developing a possible diagnostic test for chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition characterized by exhaustion and other debilitating symptoms.Fly me to the moon: Germany eyes slice of lucrative space market4/29/2019 6:23:14 PM BERLIN Reuters) - Facing tough competition from China, the United States and even tiny Luxembourg, Germany is racing to draft new laws and attract private investment to secure a slice of an emerging space market that could be worth $1 trillion a year by the 2040s.